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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with your daughter in the world of technology? Nermeen and her team has extensive expertise in software, AI and human-computer interaction. Together, they want to create a movement that empowers girls to become the future innovators, creators, and leaders in the digital age.


what do kid think about the future?

Ever wondered what makes us stand out? It's our insightful Hello Ada reports. Diving into topics from future trends as seen by kids, to meaningful discussions between parents and children, and insights from marginalized communities, these reports are invaluable. We offer them for free, believing in the power of shared knowledge. Click below to downloaded the latest one.

What happens when you put parents in one room, their daughters in another, and present them with identical questions? For our first edition of the new Hello Ada Reports, ‘In Conversation With…’.  ‘In Conversation with Parents and Girls’, we invited five families to talk with us. We asked questions about their digital habits, whether they feel girls have the same opportunities as their male peers, and what is considered good or bad play.